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Any Other Place; Volume 1


19 track international album created with friends around the world
+ Portable stage [12mm Birch Ply x @ 2440mm x 4880mm x 400mm.]


Billie Angel’s collaborative project Any Other Place; Volume 1 uses recordings emailed from various bedrooms across the world to produce an international album of tracks which re-engage global friendships through musical activity.
The album is exhibited alongside a large portable stage, which when folded up, holds instruments inside and when collapsed, becomes a stage to perform on. With the ability to transform into a trailer, the stage will go on tour to each of the listed countries and hold various performances between myself and the very special guests involved in the project. 
The album exists online and a limited edition of 30 cassettes were printed and sold. With the project being largely internet based,  it was important to create an artefact that could be picked up and held.





Hope the world is treating you well.
I am developing a collaborative art/music project and I really hope that you’ll be interested in taking part in it. This project will use recordings emailed from various bedrooms across the world to produce an international album of tracks which will re-engage global friendships through musical activity.
I am reaching out to you because our mutual interest in music formed the basis of our friendship and we are constrained by a physical geographic distance. I am seeking a way to overcome this and use the internet to create something with you.
This project will form part of my degree show, which will also launch a portable stage structure. It is my ambition to bring this stage to you, and this tour will provide an opportunity to physically reconnect our friendship.
The tune that I would like you to expand upon will be recorded in my bedroom in Glasgow and will act as the rhythm or backbeat of each collaboration. Add as little or as much as you like using any means to create sound.
If you agree to take part, I will send you the file by the 1st of April 2019 and require your recording back by the 14th of April 2019. I am inviting friends from all over Europe, Canada, Asia, Australia, North America and I hope to work with at least six friends, but the more the merrier. All collaborators will be acknowledged.
Please let me know if this is of interest and I really hope you can join me on this journey.
All best




With thanks to:
Seren Metcalfe in London
Amadeus Brzezinski in Glasgow [Khala 95]
James Querns in Jersey
Lucien Violet in Manchester [Iceboy Violet]
Julio Correa in Austin [TC Superstar]
Oliver Smart in Brighton [SQUIG]
Eilidh Hollow in Glasgow [Eilidh Hollow]
Alexander Lee in Oslo [CHUNK]
Tom Mitchell in Victoria [Conversationalists]
C. A Marx in Copenhagen
Sam Torbett-Schofield in London [Gelatine]
Philip Rae in Edinburgh
Aki Hassan in Singapore [Handsome Girl]
Axel Steinmann in Munich [Axel Goodboy]
Jason Houston in Glasgow [Gelatine]
Laura Pearson & Esther Pearce in Morocco
Joe Richardson in The Scottish Borders
Solveig Askvik in Bergen [Solveig + Mike]
Ross Sinclair in Glasgow [Soup Dragons]




'One successful example is Billie Angel, presenting a series of recordings created by inviting other musicians to collaborate with them on tracks created inside their bedroom. This engaging work aims to “produce an international album of tracks which will re-engage global friendships”. Listen out for their collaboration with Ross Sinclair in particular.'
- The Skinny

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