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Site specific DECK was a work created as part of an exhibition at the Laurieston Arches, 2017. The work consisted of a hand-built stage which held an evening of live music underneath a railway arch. The stage was made entirely from locally sourced materials: wooden pallets and sheet wood, and fixed together on site without any premeditated plans.


The work was a correlation between my artistic and musical practice. Instruments fed through a PA system and throughout the evening music was performed by eight bands. The acoustics of the space complimented the musical performances. After the scheduled shows, the stage became home to several ad lib performances. DECK turned a derelict space into one populated by over 400 people. 


The event was free of charge and created primarily for performers and listeners who often find themselves shunned from the local music circuit; for audiences who want to spend a day in an open and accepting space. Attendees travelled from all over. I believe this is how diversity in local music should appear, that we need to be shown new ways of expressing opinions and ideas through sound.





Special thanks to performers:


Hyun Seo


Fun Guys

Molly Linen

Decent Sweets

Fin, Ava and The Friendly Neighbour


Lovely Mothers

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