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Patio Do Prior

Installation and performance

December, 2018


Patio Do Prior was created in Alfama, Lisbon in Portugal.


Held on 11 December, 2018 in a public courtyard in Alfama, Patio Do Prior explored themes of community, functionality and collectivity. This work was created in collaboration with Laura Pearson, with special thanks to Samuel Bartle and Madeleine Sadler. 

In Alfama, neighbours could be found sharing drinks and meals in streets and courtyards. These public spaces provide opportunities to network, exchange knowledge and think critically. They are activated by the participation of others. Patio Do Prior invited artists Samuel Bartle and Madeleine Sadler, working and living in Lisbon at the time to share a meal in a nearby courtyard in order to explore these ideas first hand.

In order to support the community run spaces we had benefited from during our trip, the meal used materials found or purchased only within the local area. The candles, guitar, table cloth, bowls, plates and cooking utensils were bought from the flea market and all food produce was from the daily market. 


Inspired by the DIY ethos prominent within the town we used scrap wood to build the furniture. The seating became a platform for conversation and opened up various discussions around the table, allowing each of us to learn from one another. 

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